Wunderman Thompson brings the future to life with AR for the University of Antwerp

Antwerp – 24 February 2021

Android brides and grooms, pterosaurs taking to the skies again or the Antwerp KBC Tower rising to become the tallest building in Europe… No one knows what the future holds, but anything is possible, especially if we urge our students to think creatively and ambitiously. It just so happens that is exactly what studying at the University of Antwerp is all about. And that is why Wunderman Thompson Antwerp's new campaign wants to introduce young people to a future that they themselves can help shape.

Wunderman Thompson Antwerp has completed its first student recruitment campaign for the University of Antwerp. The agency has developed a series of posters showing headlines from the future. The posters encourage young people to dream of the infinite possibilities that are already there within themselves. But the dreams do not stop there, because some of our posters can really bring that future to life with augmented reality.

To get potential students excited about the university's e-Info day, the university is organising a Tour of the Future in Antwerp. The tour leads the potential students past five billboards with special posters. When they scan those posters with their smartphones, they can see the future come to life through AR. Anyone who fancies taking a walk into the future can complete the Tour of the Future in Antwerp until 7 March.

The campaign is designed to attract young people to the University of Antwerp’s e-Info day on 6 March, which is where they can choose their study programme. “Conventional information days on campuses are currently not an option, so we had to do things differently. We organise an e-Info day every year, but this time we wanted to encourage our potential students to venture outside in a safe way. The tour introduces them to Antwerp and the future they can help shape,” Pieter Staes, Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson, explains.

To develop the Tour of the Future, the agency worked together closely with Playar Studio, which created the entire AR experience. The outdoor part is complemented by a social media campaign and posters in secondary schools.

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  • Client: Universiteit Antwerpen
  • Agency: Wunderman Thompson Antwerp
  • Client contacts: Elisabeth Vanhoutte, Sofie Francque
  • Creative Directors: Pieter Staes, Manuel Ostyn
  • Creation: Tomas Van Loon, Patrick Vermeylen
  • 3D design: Matthias Berghmans, Bas Vaerewyck
  • Design: Kenny Smet
  • Motion design: Ynje Degraeve, Andreas De Ridder
  • DTP: Theo Hagtingius, Jan-Bart Debruyne
  • Copy: Lynn Pinsart, Tine Sinnaeve, Joeri Quinet
  • Strategy: Evert Van den Broeck, Dimitri De Lauw
  • Performance strategy: Caroline Bogaerts, Basel Alakkad
  • Account team: Stephanie Katic, Valérie Rosiers
  • Agency Producer: Ingeborg Van Hoof
  • AR production: PLAYAR Studio x RabbitHole Animation
  • UX/UI design: Thijs Ter Haar
  • Development: Jesse Debruyckere
  • Chief Technology Officer: Arnout Deville


  • Antwerp KBC Tower poster
  • Antwerp KBC Tower AR filter
  • Pterosaur poster
  • Pterosaur AR filter
  • Android bride poster
  • Android bride AR filter
  • Global cooling poster
  • Global cooling AR filter
  • Flying container poster
  • Flying container AR filter



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